HPU440 & H15010P

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Hydraulic Power Unit HPU440

Compact cart is easily moved right to the job site. It is 44.5 inches long x 24.5 inches wide x 54.5 inches high, mounted on casters, equipped with 15 feet of hydraulic pressure hoses and quick disconnect fittings. Electrical controls conform to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (N.E.M.A.) standards, complete with start and stop controls, and
a remote pendant speed control. The main electrical panel includes a 12V 60 amp, deep cycle battery with rectifier charger operating from voltage listed in table below. Complete with oil, hoses and connectors. Remote speed control is standard. An optional 110V AC, single phase 15 amp outlet can be included by adding the suffix "-OUTLET" to the
end of the part number.

Control console complete with: • Battery Voltage Gage
• Oil Pressure Gage
• Power Indicator Light

• Electronic Oil Level Display • Hour Meter
• Emergency Stop Button

• 15 feet of hydraulic hoses on Power Unit
• 7-1/2 feet of hydraulic hoses on Drill head
• 30 feet of electrical cable to cart
• 30 feet of control cable to pendant box
• 6 feet of cable on drill head to pendant box
• Maximum flow rate of 12 gallons per minute (GPM) • Standard Operating Pressure of 1550–1600 pounds

per square inch (PSI)
• Oil required: Mobil
® DTE-10 Excel 32 (15 gallons)

(ISO 32)
• Back-up Battery Gel Cell 60 amp Deep Cycle • Foot Brake
• Lifting Bale

24.5" deep

Our standard remote speed regulator can change speeds (GPM) remotely and conveniently by merely pushing the increase or decrease button on the pendant control.

There is no loss of magnetic force if service power fails; 12-volt battery automatically supplies current for magnet. Automatic battery charger maintains top level charge in battery (audio alert when not charging).

Oil is always radiator-cooled before returning to tank.

By-pass valve prevents tap breakage when unusual load conditions are present, and permits bottoming tap within recommended range of each head.

In addition, by using a simple shunt device, the unit may be used in any number of applications requiring a hydraulic power unit. To order this shunt device, please specify part number ASSY-21. This shunt device is required for drills ordered without a magnetic base (-NMB).



Drill Head H15010P

Drilling or tapping cannot begin until the magnet is turned on.

Automatic power feed heads can be used both in manual and power feed operations.

Automatic power-feed heads have limit switches that prevent operation of drill head if magnetic base becomes dislodged.

Please specify -OFOM” suffix for optional power feed, optional high torque motor.

Drill heads can be fixtured for special applications.

1-1/2 inch diameter (38.1mm) 1-1/4 inch–7 threads per inch 6.66 Hp
1400 inch pounds

300 RPM
Power (.0075 inches per revolution) .0037 inches per revolution
#4 Morse Taper
3200 pounds force
7-1/2 inches
108 pounds
140 pounds

Step drilling of slightly larger diameter holes is possible.

Height Width Length

14-3/4 inches 14-3/4 inches 25-1/2 inches E


Will step-drill up to 4 inches.

• Drill Capacity– AISI 1020 Steel • Tap Capacity– AISI 1020 Steel

• Motor Horsepower • Maximum Torque
• Variable R.P.M. to • Feed Method

2 inches (50.8mm) (Standard) (2-1/4" optional)

2 inch–6 threads per inch (Standard) (2-3/8" – 8 optional)

8.30 std./9.48 opt.
4164 in-lbs (std) / 5486 in-lbs (opt) 140 RPM (std) / 108 RPM (opt) Power (.010 inch per revolution) .005 inch per revolution
#5 Morse Taper
6000 pounds force
10 inches
255 pounds